Dog Nutrition and Health

For thousands of years Dog’s and humans have evolved together. In the beginning we shared natural available foods to include meat and plant matter. Now we share the highly commercialised convenience foods that have attributed to our very own health problems. As people are becoming less healthy due to poor diet, it seems our dogs are suffering too. With modern technology and research wouldn’t it be nice to believe that dog food today is healthy and risk free.

Nutrition is made up of nutrients that provide many benefits when entering the body. to run perfectly the body must receive every nutrient that it needs, yet it can go many years missing out on the essential nutrients only showing signs of illness as the body ages.

This is exactly why, even when they are young and strong, we must ensure that the dog is provided with optimum nutrition. A good diet can prevent many canine health problems ever appearing. When the dog takes in food the body begins a nutritional process, the stages of this process – ingestion, digestion, absorption, transport, assimilation, and excretion. The act of nutrition is to provide the body with everything it needs to grow, repair itself and help the dog to stay healthy throughout the different stages of life.Diet can also affect behaviour. We have witnessed dogs showing severe aggression to excessively eating faeces.

What is the best diet for my dog?

A very popular question, Opinion varies on which brand or method is the best diet for a dog, when it comes to feeding, no two dogs are the same. I recommend, you remain flexible when sourcing the right brand or feeding system for your dog.

The main options with feeding are: processed dry and wet commercial feed, a raw diet of meat and bones or a home cooked recipe. Depending on your dogs individual needs they all have pros and cons, choosing the right combination may seem a little daunting. It doesn’t have be. To find out how Trinity can assist, complete the online enquiry form.

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