Continuous positive socialisation in your puppy’s development will be the single best investment you can make for your dog’s happiness and well-being 

Sharing your life with a puppy is exciting and fun. You may have sourced your puppy from a reputable breeder, a newspaper or an internet source for puppies. Before you knew it, you were collecting that sweet little bundle of fur that made your heart melt.

Now you have taken the time and spent the money to get a puppy, you should also take the time to train him. A well-trained dog equals a happy home. Your training doesn’t need to include a bunch of tricks; your dog doesn’t have to be perfect either.

Normal puppy behaviours will include nipping and lunging at you. This is how your puppy has learned to play and associate with the litter. It makes perfect sense why your puppy associates playing with you wouldn’t be different. As your puppy matures the body and teeth become stronger. The once cute nibbling games eventually turn into uncomfortable or even rough playing bites.

How Trinity Can Help you.

Our  puppy’ consultations may be the most single valuable investment you choose for your dog. Puppy socialisation and training with Trinity will ensure your puppy gains the correct exposure and socialisation during a puppy’s critical development period. With Trinity’s puppy training you will gain insight into how dogs learn, you will learn a puppy’s core behaviours and how to modify them. How a puppy sees you in the pack and how to maintain that status without using outdated and cruel methods, We only use positive training techniques. We will teach you the key fundamentals of canine body language and how to interpret what your dog is actually experiencing. How to teach your children to interact with a dog, don’t have children? Your Puppy will undoubtedly come into contact with children. We teach how to interact puppy’s and children safely. Our appointments are structured for a one to one consultation. The consultations will take place in your home, this allows our trainer to work with you and the puppy before they have their vaccinations. Although a puppy is always learning, a critical learning period is between 8-12 weeks. If you dont have a puppy but have plans in the near future for one you can still book a pre puppy collection consultation. To set your puppy up for the very best start in life schedule your puppy’s consultation today.

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