What our clients had to say…

Life saver! Thank you for all you have done for our little dog. We now feel confident to help switch our dogs unwanted behaviour. More importantly we feel supported with it all, Mark keeps in regular contact with us, which we have found helps to keep us motivated to stick to our program and keep up with our house rules and routine. We have seen a dramatic change in behaviour with our little terrier and can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. Mark was our dogs last chance as the next step may have been euthanasia and I am absolutely so relieved our vet put us in contact. I like Marks pragmatic and flexible approach to training, with a written program to follow after his assessment of our dogs behaviour, and like I said, the level of support he offers is fantastic. Thank you!!.


With Taz

Myself and partner krystle adopted Romanian rescue a year ago. To begin with he was scared of everything but we slowly built up his confidence. We seemed to hit a stumbling block when walking with Henry as he still wouldn’t like other big dogs approaching. We weren’t sure what to do but thanks to Mark he showed us how to deal with situations and using the lead with positive reinforcement. He also has helped us solve barking when knocking at the door. Henry is a completely different dog now and we both feel confident we can deal with situations that may arise. There’s still work to do but we have mark at the end of a phone call whenever we need advice and we can meet him for further training if we need it. Thanks for helping us and Henry. 

With Henry

Mark has a special gift, he has helped us with our young beagle by showing us how to think like a dog. We had a rank issue in our household and by practising Marks techniques we have noticed a massive change in Luna’s behaviour within a week, with her listening to commands almost instantly after his visit. Mark is a very genuine and approachable guy and his methods are simple and effective, all with the dogs well-being in mind. We look forward to carry on practising Marks techniques and would very much recommend his expertise. Thanks Mark?


With Luna

Mark has visited us today, he has kindly travelled a long way to help us with our dog Tara, an Akita. He has given us lots of help to ensure we get the best from Tara and training started on tonight’s walk. He has also shown us ways to ensure our daughter and Tara live in harmony, including an excellent song for our daughter to learn as she grows helping her to know how to behave around all dogs- I think every child should be taught this in school it’s a fantastic resource! Mark is very knowledgeable about the breed, nutrition, behaviour, he has taught us a huge amount. Finally, Mark has offered us reassurance that Tara is a fantastic dog – we knew this – but have a professional as knowledgeable as Mark say it was made us proud pooch parents! Thank you ?


With Tara

Myself and my partner Own a dog rescue Trinity has done some great work with our adopted dogs and also ones that are in foster care. We Highly recommend Trinity. Their passion for dogs and positive training techniques enable owners to relax and feel confident when implementing the Behaviour Modification Programs set out by Trinity.


One Paw Rescue

I found Mark to be excellent with my dogs. I have 2 jacks who can be a nightmare to say the least. He was very calm patient & took his time with them both & also took his time to explain why they do what they do how I can correct it in a good & positive manner. I found his methods really kind & they really do work. All in all a genuine person who wants the best for the dog & helps & shows you how to achieve it. Brilliant skills. Definitely recommend this guy !!!!


With Jack

Mark was amazing with our one year dog Mia , I was at my wits end because she was taking over the house ,it was like having a very demanding child ,She pulled at the clothes for attention even ripping them at times she was waking me up every hour in the night and would go into garden and not come back when called. Marks advice was priceless I now get to sleep through at night and Mia comes in when called, In our opinion Mark is a miracle worker. We noticed a big difference in Mia’s behaviour after he came to visit. We have recommended Mark to my sister, and would recommend him to anyone.We were at our wits end but all is wonderful now. Thank You Mark. Tracey and Mia.


With Mia

I met Mark when he was training my sister’s dog. He was excellent and I can now walk Nina without her barking at me and trying to round me up like a sheep.


With Nina


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